Remodeler in Andover, MA

Make your dream kitchen a reality with a Howell Custom Building Group remodeler in Andover, MA. We offer homeowners a variety of quality kitchen and bathroom redesign options as well as a meticulous planning process to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. We’re ready to work with your designer or to provide you with one of our expert professionals to create a luxurious, livable and gourmet kitchen and a comfortable, beautiful bathroom for your home.

The Most Accurate Cost Estimates as Your Remodeler in Andover, MA

There’s nothing more frustrating for a homeowner than working with a building or renovation team that goes over budget and blows past deadlines. Howell’s sophisticated and meticulous pre-planning service eliminates any potential frustration by providing customers with accurate and realistic cost estimates through our BuildSmart Estimator software.

BuildSmart is a complex propriety software system, created by Howell’s founder, Steve Howell. That means only our customers get the benefits of the most accurate cost estimates in the industry. In fact, we average less than 1% variance between our final estimated costs and actual construction costs.

Remodeler Andover MA

Not only do our homeowners benefit from this sophisticated technology, we also provide all our customers with the complete cost of the project upfront. When homeowners are given the full cost at the beginning of the project, this gives them more flexibility in choosing materials and other design elements to see how their choices affect the overall project.

Choose Howell for Your Home Remodeler in Andover, MA

Howell whole-heartedly believes in giving the homeowner more power and more choices throughout the entire kitchen and bathroom remodeler project. Our dedication to staying on time and on budget through our unparalleled pre-planning services and accurate cost estimate system are just two examples of how Howell Custom Building Group builds long-lasting relationships with homeowners throughout the Andover community. To discover more reasons why Howell may be the right remodeler in Andover, MA for your home, contact us today to speak to one of our building experts.

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  • Howell Custom Building Group supports sustainability by encouraging our clients to donate reusable materials to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. All proceeds help fund the local Habitat affiliate. Click here for a list of acceptable items to donate and additional information.